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The Real Cause of Obesity

For years now we have been exposed to a plethora of books, articles, “medicines,” exercise systems and machines, surgeries, spas, superficial professional psychological gossip, supplements, potions, substitutes, stratagem, subterfuge and on and on and on regarding the “plague” of OBESITY. In case you haven’t noticed the flood of fat in our lives has registered a steady increase keeping pace with or exceeding the flood of remedies that struggle do dam up this deluge.

Recently a newspaper here in Costa Rica dedicated a week long focus involving several pages each day, outlining, enumerating, reporting on what for them, is every available study, ritual, political involvement, exaggerated cases of cures for, expert advice, on and on and on in response to the apparent overwhelming interest in the theme.

For me, their response to this suffocating, life-threatening dis-ease is laudable but off the mark because they didn’t come close to identifying the cause of OBESITY.

As of today I propose to direct myself to talking to you about the CAUSE of obesity. I hope we can generate some interaction, discussion, questions, or comments on my approach.