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The Lollypop Factor Book Signing

Dr. Fairmont’s new book THE LOLLYPOP FACTOR is now available!

The Lollypop FactorHere he appears at a book signing event in the Parque del Lago Hotel on Paseo Colón, San Jose – Costa Rica

This book reveals a psychic “mistake” that occured in the evolution of mankind that is causing disaster in our lives today. We must recognize this characteristic, only inherent in human beings. Being that it has developed since cavemen days until now, never has been talked about, is repressed-negated-hidden… we have tremendous domestic violence, destruction of our planet to the point of threatening our future survival, horrendous crime, over use of technology in our life style, child abuse, and on and on. The Lollypop Factor is on the rampage. BUT… there is a solution. Dr. William E. P. Fairmont will tell you what you need to know to avoid being trapped in THE LOLLYPOP FACTOR.