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The Art of Feeling Bad, Made Me Feel Good!

In reference to the book We’re Having Sex Right Now! by Dr. William E. P. Fairmont

It´s a pleasure to address myself to the person that enabled me, through his book, to become a complete, successful and happy individual in every area of my life.

I´m twenty years old and have had a lot of interest in bettering my life. I´ve studied many books in relation to this matter, but none really satisfied me as to what I was looking for until I decided to buy your magnificent book. It totally transformed everything in my life.

I had many mental blockages that didn´t allow me to develop in different facets of my life. Being resentful, depressed and feeling helpless had become a vicious circle for me. I thought I would always be the most unfortunate man on the earth.

But God wanted my destiny to change through your book, with which I openly declare makes me number one! It´s surprising that when I first started to read the book I thought what you stated about life wasn´t true, so I would just close it and ignore it for a few days. In those few days I would see through my own experience, that what you were talking about in your book really was true.

As time passed and I kept analyzing my sexual nature, a metamorphosis occurred in me. Now I´m someone who´s not in conflict with himself. I consider that your book has been the key to the success I´ve accomplished in my personal and academic life, and my capacity to relate to others.

I have read your book more than three times, and each time I do I´m amazed that as the days go by I share my liveliness… and before I felt dead. Every time I choose to take some time to analyze who I really am in terms of your book, I feel that all the printed words there are hard to swallow, because accepting that I am a masochist isn´t easy. What I like the best is, it doesn´t matter what it tastes like, because in reality it´s a medicinal salve that becomes incorporated in my entire being, that heals my mind and cleans me of the dirty thoughts of my “Diabolical Subconscious Humilliator,” that enables me to be in peace and happy with myself.

I confess that “The Art of Feeling Bad” is the key to my success. Just by using this technique, I feel I own myself. I can take control of any emotional area of my life and use it to my benefit. What makes me really proud of myself is that at my young age, I´ve been able to find out how to enjoy everything about myself to the fullest.

My future looks fascinating. I´m a university student, and thanks to your “medicine” I have been able to automatically develop secret powers that even I can´t believe I have! I feel happy in my heart and I confront every situation like a fighter. Many people ask me what enabled me to have such a marked change in my life. I answer that it´s just a matter of having self-understanding, and with that you can obtain everything you desire. They think that all I say is just a bunch of crap.

It has been my pleasure to write this note to you. You will always have my admiration, respect, and good wishes for your life. I am completely thankful to God to have been able to inspire the life of a real winner, who would change my life for the better. I affectionately sign off…

Written by a 20 year old man.