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We’re having sex right now!

we're-having-sex-right-nowA new consciousness that will enable you to bring yourself to life…

You were born with it. It became distorted and works against you. Learn how to let it come back through self-understanding.

Needless to say, don’t read this book unless… you have a sincere interest in yourself.
This book is not for the alienated. It is not for pseudo-intellectuals, nor is it for dyed in the wool phonies, liars and cheaters. It is not for people who defend the “going system” to the death. It is not for those who will do anything to be part of the pack. Don’t read this book if you think others will solve your problems. Don’t even get near it if you think the world is on the right track; that “progress” is the answer; or some day a wise, heroic leader will save us.

This book is for people who are fed up with false promises and fake solutions. It is for those who sense that self-understanding will bring them strength to move away from a sick, passive life of conformity and fantasy; to the challenges of offering the best of themselves to their children and those they love. This book is for human beings who don’t want their life to be an utter disappointment lived under the thumb of the arrogant, insipid, and insane limitations of malformed people and systems.

This book is for people who want to dignify their sexual nature. It’s is easy to read. That doesn’t mean it’s less of an entree into the essence of human psychology. Universities and even many practicing professionals are shortchanging their adherents for lack of what this book provides. Superficiality is a disguise—a barrier to self-understanding. This book takes its readers into the reality of their inner life which is in itself the medicine so long held at bay by the misguided, fearful and unfeeling, selfish fakers.

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