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A Much Better Way

a-much-better-wayIn understanding the idea of SOCIAL TRANSFORMATION we assume that people of good faith will be interested in bettering the total panorama of how life is manifest. The established trajectory of life offers empty promises of “change” and platitudes that serve as low-grade contaminants of thinking, trying to trick the public into believing something is being said. But now, MENSTRUATION MAN makes his entrance with a proposal in favor of real LOVE; something never experienced throughout the history of “human” life.

The discovery discussed here made by Dr. William E. P. Fairmont, combines investigations in psychology, anthropology, sociology, medicine, religion, and politics in his hew book: A MUCH BETTER WAY, available in print and audio.

Being aware of the resistance people have to new discoveries in the true substance of their lives, Dr. Fairmont created the superhero fantasy figure, MENSTRUATION MAN, in order to soften access to people who might not be familiar with the material he wants to emphasize to penetrate into accustomed habits and attitudes, and avoid clashing with prejudices or beliefs that might lead unnecessarily to conflicts with his message. So far it looks like everybody really likes MENSTRUATION MAN!

A MUCH BETTER WAY offers the reader and listener convincing evidence to support the idea that the recommendations of Dr. Fairmont could produce a genial social transformation. As such, according to Dr. Fairmont, for the first time in history, a figure capable of LOVING will emerge and a society composed of beings that are truly LOVED, and therefore beings that can LOVE—beings that at last will deserve the designation: Human.

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