Unique Investigator of Human Nature


A Much Better Way, Cover CDDr. William E. P. Fairmont has taken extracts from history, psychology, anatomy, religion, anthropology sexuality, and funneled them into an irrefutable explanation of the human preferences for: SUFFERING ABOVE ALL.

In his lively, sharp-witted, feisty manner, he takes us from pre-historic to present times offering evidence for the cause of our ridiculous yet oftimes grotesque, painful problems, all created by ourselves. Then he tells us how to get relief from our self-destructive nature (a relief that is generally shunned as if it were poison).

Listen to this audio book (5 CD’s). Let Dr. Fairmont’s discoveries sink in and you’ll wake up one day with a new perspective. Without struggling, you’ll have found a better way—the unexpected-surprising-gracious way to self-LOVE.