Unique Investigator of Human Nature

About Dr. Fairmont

will-232x300Dr. William E. P. Fairmont is a one of a kind investigator of human nature. He is a clinical psychologist and has authored several books. He believes that the investigation of human psychology can’t be limited to an office, a classroom, and certainly not to the popular concept of what a psychologist is supposed to be. His professional life has extended itself into his own television program that has been on the air in Costa Rica for over twenty years.

When Dr. Fairmont published his book NOBODY DARES TO UNDERSTAND… The Psychology of Happiness and Sexual Fulfillment some twenty-five years ago, he began to develop what he now calls THE NEW CONSCIOUSNESS. Paer Fairmont suggests that this new manner of being is the antidote for a society that appears to be poisoning itself. THE NEW CONSCIOUSNESS encompasses Fairmont ‘s belief that without fundamental self-understanding that has to do with the formation of sexuality in the primitive life of the individual (the first three years) and its relationship to the primitive life of the specie, the world will continue its destructive course.

This postulate is discussed in his regularly published columns in newspapers, and not only on his own TV programs but in his frequent appearances as a guest on other television programs.

After Dr. Paer Fairmont received his B.S. degree in economics from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, and then served two years as an officer in the U.S. Army in France; he embarked on a career in the arts which included writing, music, and theatrical performances. All the while, his constant interest in psychology eventually determined the direction of his life. He studied psychology at the University of Cincinnati, got his masters in psychology at Xavier University in Ohio, and took his doctorate at the United States International University in San Diego, California. After practicing psychology for four years in San Diego he decided to live in Costa rica with his two children. He was originally incorporated in the Medical College of Costa Rica and then became one of the founders of the Psychological College of Costa Rica. He continued his private practice with his activities in television and published his book SMOKE TILL THE BRINK OF DEATH, THEN YOU’LL UNDERSTAND THE FACTS… MAYBE. The success of this publication gave rise to the long standing series of newspaper articles along with the development of several successful radio shows which included “Dr. Paer Speaks in Favor of Women”, the radio version of “In Favor of the Person” and the radio talk show “En Los Escaños” ( Conversing in the Old Style ).

The range of activities in TV and music created by Producciones Paer have always been original and scored high impact. Among the most memorable were:

  • The first Costa Rican Christmas Special (This program was so successful that it was produced in different ways over a ten year period )
  • The outstanding production in both record form and TV video of Dr. Paer’s majestic composition of the song “How Can it Be (that People in this World Do Harm to the Children?”) -recorded with members of the National Symphony Orchestra of Costa Rica.

Dr. Fairmont has maintained a practice in psychotherapy for more than forty years. His latest books, WE’RE HAVING SEX RIGHT NOW! (2004); THE LOLLYPOP FACTOR (2010); A MUCH BETTER WAY (2013) contain his innovative discoveries.